Online ticket bookings in Prague


virtual-tickets provides a complete on-line service for ordering tickets for cultural performances in Prague and other cities in the Czech Republic, which is possible directly from the comfort of your home.

Order your tickets to theatres, dance clubs, musicals, concerts, operas or ballets online and, at your request, you can have these tickets delivered directly to your hotel in Prague or sent to your address. The procedure through the virtual-tickets system is very simple. Choose your performance date, indicate the number of tickets you require, fill in your personal details and contact information, and submit your bank card details. For some performances is also bank transfer or PayPal available.

And who will perform in Prague in year 2021?  Queen Relived, Transmission, Nightwish and  from Czech works  Marek Ztracený, Český Mejdan s Impulsem, Lucie v Opeře, Kabát, Kryštof.

The lovers of jazz in Prague can enjoy Jazz Boat – real moving jazz stage !

Do not hesitate and book an evening theatre performance or a concert of your favourite pop-rock star today!



 …enjoy Prague with us!