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Would you like to increase your website’s attractiveness for other sales channels?

Allow your web visitors access to your online ticket booking system for various cultural events in Prague and other cities in the Czech Republic! Sell tickets online through your website. You can implement an online booking system into your existing web pages. Cooperation between you and virtual-tickets shall occur on a commission basis, so you really have nothing to lose ... just the opposite, you have everything to gain!


For whom is the system designed?

This online booking system is primary designed for hotels, airline ticket sellers, travel agencies, car rental companies and other entities involved in tourism. If you are not linked with tourism but you think this system is also suitable for you, we will be happy to implement it into your website.


virtual-tickets offers the following opportunities:

- to enrich your website

- to gain a competitive advantage

- to increase the attractiveness of your entity

- to increase turnover through commissions for sales brokered through your website

- no costs associated with the implementation and operation of a reservation system

- free updates to the virtual-tickets website

- ongoing access to and control of incoming orders

- graphic solutions in accordance with your website

- professional services

- the possibility of obtaining translations into 7 languages of your choice


Visitors to your webpage will definitely appreciate this new and very useful application for ordering tickets from the comfort of their own home. So why not treat them to this advantageous system, while simultaneously increasing the attractiveness of your own website?

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