Black light Theatre ANIMATO - Prague

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The BLACK THEATRE PRAGUE is beginning the 15th season with the classic tradition of black theatre performances, which are representing inseparable part of the Czech culture already for a half of the century. We would like to invite you to the unique nonverbal black theatre performance, which would allow you to forget a workday routine in this over mechanized world for a while.

A small story from the great time of THE BEATLES

The performance is set in the era of the legendary group The Beatles. In itself, it is a variation based on the movie The Yellow Submarine. It takes you back to the unforgettable 1960’s. The supernatural connection between black and shadow theatre and the principle of the Laterna Magica theatre (large-screen projection, special light effects, music and dance, marionettes) combined in a dreamy theatrical and pantomime show, accompanied by The Beatles’ original soundtracks, provides a unique and unsurpassed synthesis of the different Czech theatrical genres.

Black light Theatre ANIMATO

Black light Theatre ANIMATO

Na Prikope 10 -Palac Savarin
110 00 Praha 1

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