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Srnec Theatre is the first Black Light Theatre in the world. After the foundation of the theatre in 1961 they repeatedly performed in 87 theatre festivals in 68 countries around the world. Srnec Theatre belongs among the most important representatives of the Czech art in the world.

Antologia - The Best of the Black Light Theatre - the most successful performance of the last years. The audience is guided through the 53-year history of Srnec Theatre. You may see, for instance, the oldest black light theatre scene „Launderette“ that had been created two years prior to the official foundation of the Srnec Theatre. The scene „ Magician“ allows the invisible performers to show their mastery. The objects appear, change, and vanish again.

Black Light Theatre Srnec

Black Light Theatre Srnec

Palác Savarin, Na Příkopě 10, Praha 1

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