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 The immortal production about clowns wandering around the world searching for the illusion of flawlessness embodied in the beauty of Venus and the Seducer who sets traps on their way has enchanted generations of children and adults. It is the most popular of Laterna magika’s shows and the one that has been part of its repertory for the longest time. In April 2017 we celebrated 40 years of Wonderful Circus on stage! The production has been staged 6,400 times, in the Czech Republic and in 17 countries all around the world. To date, some 25 Sad Clowns, 22 Merry Clowns, 25 Seducers and 30 Venuses have taken their turn on the stage.


This project leads the spectators into the bizarre world of inventions of the famous pioneer of photography Eadweard Muybridge, rich on drama and emotions. Muybridge was inventor and dedicated artist, his photographic studies of animal and human motion are known worldwide, but this does not hold for his life story. The visual-movement production reveals the inner life of Muybridge and the impulses that accompanied his creative work and impacted his life. Featuring dancers of the Laterna magika ensemble and distinguished actors portraying Muybridge, his wife Flora and Major Larkyns, who fell victim to Muybridge’s jealousy.


 The Best of The mixed bill presents the diversity of Laterna magika’s creation, from vaudeville-like productions to ambitious stage projects, and includes a kaleidoscope of excerpts from popular shows that were or are on its repertory. The oldest era is represented by The Breakneck Ride from 1963, but the evening also includes a cross-section of recent productions. The evening is rounded off by a half-hour retro show, Code 50.08, revealing the principles of Laterna magika in a fresh, dynamic form.


Created by the screenwriter, film director and animator Maria Procházková, As Far As I See is a show for children and their parents alike. The youngest spectators plunge into the world of imagination of a little girl Agatha, into her small everyday adventures. The production works with theatre, dance, pantomime as well as classical animation and film projection. Performed in Czech language only.


Laterna magika inspired by one of the best-known stories of global modern literature: the author and aviator Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s novella is ranking among the 50 best-selling books in the world. Even though generally classified as literature for children, The Little Prince yields a parable that has become especially popular among adult readers. It juxtaposes the current world, which is driven by the endeavour to control nature, the dominance of technology, materialism and selfishness, with the pure view of a boy.


What happens when an early-20th- century film-making team headed by a scatterbrained director decides to adapt the fates of Jules Verne heroes? And what happens when the celebrated author himself and his overbearing wife get involved in the filming? The project is inspired by Jules Verne’s famous novels, The Mysterious Island in particular. The story itself is, however, set in the first decades of the 20th century, in the era of the pioneers of the film industry.


Dance and interaction – in a nutshell. Cube has primarily found inspiration in original Laterna magika productions, blending together film images and live performance. It makes use of the current video mapping from several projectors placed in different spots. The visual composition draws upon the motif of the “cube”, in all kinds of possible variants that surround us. By means of a simple basic scenography and detailed, accurately focused projection, it is possible to markedly change its perspective, movement and surface, thus affecting the overall space, dynamism and time. A modern and precise choreography enhances the film illusion and, vice versa, the film illusion supports the performer’s movement on the stage.



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