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(directors Evald Schorm, Jan Svankmajer, Jiri Srnec), stage design by Josef Svoboda. The program is conceived as a show for the whole family with a poetic story of human struggling for happiness and fame and a final recognition that one’s ideas are one thing and reality quite another. The only difference is in the way people put up with this fact. Wonderful Circus is an evergreen in our repertoire. To date, it has been staged 4900 times both in Prague as well as in most European countries, the United States, Canada and Israel. (100 min., one interval)

(directors Ondrej Andera, Petr Kout) is a new project, premiered on December 12, 2001. It is based on a combination of the “laterna magica” principle: a combination of modern dance and video projection using new multi-media elements and highly stylised image techniques. It is a composition consisting of four choreographic stories in an unusual interactive connection with a new stage design tool invented by Josef Svoboda (introduced for the first time in the show Trap), allowing the film image to fill the stage space without the use of a film screen. The performance was put together by a young talented team with a novel approach to interpreting the world around us. Ondřej Anděra (director), Jiří Bubeníček, Václav Kuneš and Petr Zuska (all of whom are choreographers, who are also active as dancers with engagements at major stages worldwide), managed to depict interpersonal relations in an original form resembling a theatrical video-clip.

since February 1995, prepared by Juraj Jakubisko as scenarist and director, Josef Svoboda as stage designer, Jean-Pierre Aviotte as choreographer and Zdenek Merta as composer.
The story of the legend of \"man-power\" is presented as the story of self-love. For the first time is used instead of movie the laser disc as well the video projection system.
(cca 90 min., one interval)

The first performance of this kind was created already in 1984 and was called Pragensia, Vox Clamantis, followed by Orbis pictus in 1986 and Hádanky (Puzzles) in 1996. In the context of non-verbal theatre forms dance disposes of a unique capacity to bring together the space and the projection, making Laterna magika an ideal place for development of this esthetic integration which, nevertheless, makes it a challenge for the dancers. As a result, a synthesis of choreographic and visual deepened into an effective, interactive and concentrated concert as it is to be seen, for example, in Graffiti (2002).

Cocktail 008
It is a constructed programme – a package of the best display of our performances.  Some of them you maybe know from your previous visit of Laterna magika, others may attract you to see the whole version of the shows which are still on repertory. Cocktail 008 is compound of the most-like showcase of our audience. Our guides will lead you through a bit of dynamic rythm, playful movements as well as lyrical passages – all framed with a film collage.

Legends of Magic Prague
Prague is a town vowen with legends and myths, some of which get introduced by our new multimedia show: e.g. that about the most famous inhabitants of the Faust's House – Faust and the English alchymist Edward Kelley; that about Chanina, the daughter of a Jewish merchant, who refuses bridegrooms offered her and, lead with love of a mysterious Lord of the River Vltava, steps into the river and uses to come back on the roofs just in the shape of a green cat; that about secret meeetings of the Emperor Rudolf II. with the philosopher and mystic as well as a great personality of the Jewish culture in Prague – Rabbi Löw and his homunculus Golem; and last but nost least about the legend connected with the construction of the Astronomical Clock of the Old Town.



Narodni 4
110 00 Praha 1

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