Villa Bertramka - concerts of Mozart Prague

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Villa Bertramka - Concerts and Exhibition on W.A.Mozart and the Dušeks
The permanent exhibition brings together the most valuable documents, period news reports, engravings, manuscripts, letters, pictures, musical sketches, musical instruments and other mementa of Mozart's time at Bertramka and in Prague. It also contains interesting documents on the history of the estate and Mozart\'s contacts with eminent Czech musicians, including his Bertramka hosts and long-time friends, the Dušeks. The so-called Mozart rooms, where Mozart and his wife probably lived at Bertramka, have still preserved parts of the original wall decorations and the baroque wooden ceiling, decorated with a floral motif. Among the unique objects on display are a lock of Mozart's hair and two keyboard insturments on which Mozart personally performed in Prague. A charming enamel-decorated box holding opera glasses is a cherished memento of Josefína Dušková. In the garden you will find a bust of Mozart and a stone table, at which according to tradition Mozart wrote the concert aria and scene "Bella mia fiamma, addio!" for Josefína Dušková.

A Night with the Mozart - An artistically historical reconstructtion od the story of W.A.Mozart and Josefina Dušek in authentic settings which tells the story of the compositions of the famous arias from the operas Don Giovanni, The Marriage of Figaro and other.
Villa Bertramka

Villa Bertramka

Mozartova 165
150 00 Praha 5

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