LOUIS TOMLINSON | O2 arena Praha 19.10.2023

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He sold out his first Prague concert at Forum Karlín within minutes, now Louis Tomlinson is going to the O2 arena. The musician, who became famous in One Direction, will come to Prague with his new album Faith in the Future.
On his 2020 solo debut, Louis Tomlinson was still looking for himself, three years later he comes with the confident second album Faith in the Future. According to his words, he finally found artistic freedom on it: "On the Walls album, I was not yet able to open up completely and be honest with myself. I always had a clear idea of my music in my head, but I often doubted and asked myself if I was ready to share it with others.”
During the preparation of the debut record, Tomlinson managed to find the right team. In addition, the whole process gave him the courage to take the entire creative process into his own hands and finally present his artistic personality without shame. In all the interviews he has given recently, the word freedom appears most often.

O2 ARENA Prague

O2 ARENA Prague

Ocelarska 460/2
190 00 Praha 9

Бронирование - даты

четверг 19.10. 2023 в 20:00 on-line booking (rezervace) O2 ARENA Prague Ocelarska 460/2 190 00 Praha 9