St.Nicholas Church - Praga

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This church was built from 1732 - 37 by K. I. Diezenhofer, the most famous architect of the high Prague Baroque. In the church you will find fresco paintings with themes from the life of St. Nicholas and a celebration of Benedictine saints with Old Testament scenes (small fields in the dome) which were created by the Bavarian painter C. D. Assam. Among other craftsmen who participated in the construction were the Italian B. Spinetti and A. Braun's sculpture workshop.

In 1868 the church was rented to the Russian Ortodox Church. During this period, P. Maixner's altar painting of Jesus Christ on a throne and a beautiful crystal chandelier made in the Harrachov glassworks (a gift from the Russian czar Alexander) were added. The chandelier is in the shape of the Russian coronation crown and has diameter of 4,5 meters and weighs 1400 kg.

On January, 11, 1920, the Czechoslovak Hussite Church was proclaimed here, and uses this church till today.

Concerts are performed here every day by top artists and ensembles from Prague and abroad. Your visit will help support the charity work and humanitarian activities of our church. We look forward to seeing you here and we hope that our concerts will bring you joy and peace of mind.

St.Nicholas Church - concerts

St.Nicholas Church - concerts

Staromestske namesti
110 00 Praha 1

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